Become more dedicated to your portfolio without being a slave to research.

We provide a unique personalised Stock Note service, which is communicated on email and over the telephone by a qualified Analyst. Allowing you to have a dialogue with the Stock Markets. Without being a slave to research.

The service is coupled with our Unique Stock Tip Distillation process, which double distills 1000 stock tips per annum giving you the opportunity to invest wisely.


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Benefits to joining

Listed below are a few benefits Stockatonians enjoy.

Dedicated Analyst

Have an open dialogue with the stock markets. By having your very own dedicated analyst who understands you and your investment goals.

Get call scheduled to fit your busy diary. Read less and learn more.

Save Time


Get updated in a snapshot. Save yourself weeks of sitting in front of the computer and reading endless stock reports.

Unique Stock Tip Distillation Process


We leave you with Stock Tips that have been doubled distilled. Initially we prioritise on the highest win-loss ratios from over 100 analysts (our qualitative test), the second process is validating the stock tip through various stock screeners (our quantitative test).

This is truly independent, plus you get a much wider view of market expertise, stamping out some behavioral finance flaws and extends potential diversification.

Invite Only Investors Events (optional)


Primary research is superior to secondary. We encourage Stockatonians to join us on the quest! Also a knowledge share programme has been set up with several non for profit investing societies to channel best practices and investor workshops.

Giving you a enriched service and a chance to enhance your investor knowledge and experience. True investing is life long.