Stockatonia & ShareSoc

At Stockatonia we turn subscribers into Stockatonians.

A Stockatonian is a retail investor who is well informed, connected and empowered to make they’re own investment choices.

We provide impartial stock market research on a weekly basis, with regular updates every 90 days or sooner. In addition to this, we also publish a calendar of all scheduled updates, which are regularly adjusted by the research team.

Our impartial, continuous and in depth reports are complemented by a range of best practice educational guides, which are all available at the click of a mouse, thus making your whole research process less of a strain.

We also encourage our subscriber base of likeminded individuals to connect and socialise through a program of regular events sponsored by Stockatonia, including day trips to national investor shows and excursions to popular destinations.


As part of our quest to connect Stockatonians to the right people, we came across the ShareSoc.

ShareSoc are a not-for-profit organisation, created by investors, for investors. We have been so impressed with ShareSoc’s ethos, experience and objectives that we now automatically include a ShareSoc membership with every Stockatonia subscription.

About ShareSoc
– (Based upon information taken from official ShareSoc website)

ShareSoc is dedicated to the support of individual investors (private shareholders as opposed to institutional investors – although directors or employees of institutions can join as individual members if they wish). Our aim is to make and keep you better informed so as to improve your investment skills, and protect the value of your investments. We won’t shirk from tackling companies, the Government or other institutions if we think you are not being treated fairly.

What we do for shareholders;

ShareSoc supports individuals who invest directly in the stock market. We do this by promoting your rights as a shareholder and by seeking to influence Governance and regulatory policy.

We want to ensure that shareholders have a proper voice as owners of the businesses in which they invest. We also provide information including in-depth company reports, educational resources and networking opportunities, along with the opportunity to meet with other investors and board members from quoted companies.

Our objective is to help you to make money by protecting your interests and making sure you stay informed. ShareSoc also provides a forum for the exchange of views between individual investors.

ShareSoc is a not-for-profit organisation, created by investors for investors.

Our objectives are;

  • To improve the investment performance of members
  • To protect the value of members’ investments
  • To represent the interests of private investors to public bodies and companies
  • To promote direct investment in the stock market
  • To support the principles of good corporate governance
  • To ensure equal treatment for all shareholders
  • To enhance the performance of companies
  • To promote financial education at all levels
  • To cover certain listed companies with our own reports
  • To provide networking and communications opportunities for investors
  • To provide news via newsletters, a website, and other media to investors

Chairman: Stan Grierson, M.A. has been a stock market investor for many years. He started his career as an officer in the Royal Air Force before spending time with a major IT company, mainly in marketing. Later, he formed his own successful company as a catering wholesaler. He has been working to help private shareholders in various positions for some years and as a member of Euroshareholders, which supports investors in twentyeight other European nations, with particular regard to the EU.


Deputy Chairman: Roger Lawson, M.B.A., M.B.C.S., C.I.T.P. had a career mainly as a director of IT companies. Since retiring at the age of 50 he has invested widely in the stock market and has also done some “business angel” investments in early stage companies. He was a board member of a mutual association with a particular interest in marketing and PR for some years and has also been involved with several shareholder action groups. He has written many articles on stock market investment, and led representations on the Companies Act, electronic communication and share “dematerialisation”.