Membership Benefits

100% independent, impartial and insightful

  1. Receive our daily “Ahead” stock market research emails

    As an investor, information that can help you make future forecasts is what really counts. This kind of information is difficult to ascertain, with most major news outlets focusing on past events and things already priced in by markets. We study the news feeds and cherry-pick those reports which we believe look ahead. Bringing you useful information, cutting through the noise and saving you time. Feel confident managing your portfolio with our “Ahead” stock market research feed at your disposal.

  2. Gain access to our CFA investor lead online meetings (Zoom)

    We host an online meeting led by our CFA accredited analyst bi-monthly. In these meetings, our analyst will provide you with their opinions on select stocks, giving you their watchlist and top picks. (N.B. for those unaware, CFA stands for chartered financial analyst and is one of the most prestigious qualifications an analyst can receive, so you can be confident in the quality of their judgement).

    Normal rates for a CFA analyst can start from £400 a day. We are privileged to have a chartered analyst on our team. In addition to this, we offer a Q&A section within these calls, which provides a “real-life” forum where you can learn from other investors.

    Investing can be a nerve-racking experience for many. Whether you tend to be overly cautious or overzealous when it comes to investing, having a safe forum where you can be guided by the expertise of peers and professionals alike is a valuable resource.

  3. Receive our easily digestible stock reports

    At Stockatonia we aim for nothing short of excellence. This extends to our hand-picked stock reports. We strive to write reports which are not only detailed and thorough, but also digestible. Our reports shy away from using unnecessarily technical language so anyone can comprehend them. However, for those occasions where technical language is unavoidable, we helpfully provide a jargon buster to aid understanding.

    Click here to see our research table.

  4. Benefit from our collaboration with Mello

    Mello are well known in the investor community for running regular presentations and workshops targeted specifically towards educating and generally informing investors around the UK. As friends of Mello, we provide condensed coverage of their content where we summarise key takeaways from their (approx. 3.5-hour) meetings, adding our own impartial insights where appropriate. Mello run approx. 25 meetings a year containing a mix of interviews and educational content along with their legendary BASH (Buy Avoid Sell Hold) section.

  5. Exclusive “Stockatonian” premium content and events

    Our premium “Stockatonian” membership will provide a bespoke service for a limited number of high net worth investors. These members will receive detailed reports on selected buy stocks from Mello’s BASH announcements as well as exclusive bi-annual dinners, hosted at various stately homes and at St John’s College Oxford, where the guest list will include a handpicked selection of AIM directors, ISA stock market millionaires and David Stredder. CEO of Mello.



  • “Ahead” daily stock market newsletter with adverts


£340 Per Annum
  • “Ahead” daily stock market newsletter
  • 3 Report Credits Per Year
    3 Mello BASH, selected Buy reports
  • Mello Investor calls – up to 3 per month, each lasting 3.5 hours and workshops


Per Annum
  • “Ahead” daily stock market newsletter
  • Unlimited Report Credits
    Mello BASH selected Buy reports
  • Condensed coverage of Mello Investor calls and workshops
  • Exclusive bi-annual dinner access