Cineworld (CINE) is a global cinema group, running multiplex sites throughout the UK, US, Israel and both Eastern and Central Europe. Cineworld operates under a number of brands, such as Cinema City, Planet, and Cineworld Cinemas.

Acquisition Of Regal Entertainment

In 2017, Cineworld acquired its US equivalent, the Regal Entertainment Group, at a cost of $5.8bn. This strategic acquisition was aimed at heading off competition from the Chinese Dalian Wanda group. The Chinese chain is the largest cinema business in the world, and owns the AMC Theatres Group which operates Odeon cinemas, and others, in the UK.

Cineworld’s strategic plans also include further investment in refurbishing its estate, and rolling out high tech ScreenX, 4DX and IMAX facilities. ScreenX gives a 270 degree panoramic view of a film, so is in line with the trend for immersive entertainment experiences.  Read More